Hawthorn, VICTORIA – Basketball Hawthorn proudly supports and congratulates thirty-four Magic athletes in their selection into the following programs, Victoria National Performance Program and State Development Program. “To have the amount of athletes rewarded for the work they have put in over the past 12 months is massive,” says Dion Jewell Head of Basketball, “our aim is to have as many athletes in the Basketball Victoria system as possible, to provide further opportunities for their development. We are very keen to see the athletes utilize these programs and coaching to take their game to the next level”. 

The Victoria National Performance Program is an elite opportunity for top drawer junior basketball players. The Victoria National Performance Program gives athletes the possibilities of scholarships and skill development within the program. Led by Victorias high level performance coaches that provide further development and training for the athletes. The State Development Program works with selected athletes within the Country and Metro under- 16 and under-18 women’s and men’s age groups.

Basketball Hawthorn celebrates athleticism and hard work, and will continue to support past, present, and future athletes in all their endeavors not just on the basketball court. Basketball Hawthorn believe that this drive, resilience and competitiveness has and will continue to take these athletes far. 

Basketball Hawthorn athletes that were selected for Victoria National Performance Program include: Amy O’Hara and Amy Kurkowski. Basketball Hawthorn athletes selected for State Development Program include: Boston Dowling, Logan Morris, Maximus Bakker, Erinn McAlary, Jake Meyers, James McCombe, Jarryd Remy, Hamish Hudson, John Furphy, Diamond Valenti-Fakalata, Annabelle Hartman, Carlin Yagen Henry Briggs, Che Brogon, Ella Crump, Emma McDonald, Evangeline King, hayden Loader, Henrietta Donoghue, Jacqueline Gomes, Jagga Smith, Jemima Wilcox, Jesse Mcintosh, Katie Harrington, Luca Cawthorn-Breheny, Ned Caldwell, Tadhag McCarthy, Tyler Scriven, Tyson Nagel, Georgia McBean, Jade Grybas, Smith Kenya, Phoenix Windsor, and Ally Marshall.


Notes to the editor: A large amount of Basketball Hawthorn athletes have been selected to play in Victoria National Performance Program and State Development Program. 

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