Adelaide Easter Classic 12.3 Boys

Coach Kaya and the 12.3 boys went to the Adelaide Easter Classic last weekend with 2 key goals in mind;
To measure their performance against some high level competition and to have lots of fun and to bond as a team !

After being placed in the ‘A-Grade’ competition with other Victorian teams from Met 1, our 12.3 boys lost their first few games, but still managed to secure a place in the semi-finals, against the undefeated 12.1 Camberwell team
The boys played a great semi-final match, winning the nail biter 42:40.
This was definitely the big highlight of the trip, and the boys jumped for joy outside of the Pasadena stadium – proud to be wearing their Hawthorn Magic colours!
This gave them a shot in the grand-final against Keilor 2. The grand final was also a ‘nail-biter’ of a game, and Keilor had to fight hard in order to finally take the win.
Kaya was impressed with the boys’ level of effort, maturity and courage through-out the tournament.
The experience of travelling together as a team surpassed all expectations – the warm weather and many hours splashing in the hotel swimming pool was just a bonus!

A great trip was had by all the families,players and Coach Kaya 🙂