ASF Donation

Now, more than ever, we need you.

Dear Members,

Basketball Hawthorn needs your support.

Unfortunately, the timing of the coronavirus outbreak could not have been worse for our Association – we are a cash-in / cash-out business with historic debt meaning many accounts are paid in arrears. It’s a situation that we as a Board are actively working to redress but it has left us short for now. So, at this crucial time, with no income forthcoming for an upcoming season, and no matches being played, we are skating on very thin ice.

We are exploring many, many options for cutting costs, restructuring our debt and generating revenue, especially via government assistance packages announced over recent days. We will do our very best to manage through this unprecedented event.

Our top priority is to remain afloat so that our players – across both senior and junior representative and domestic programs – can enjoy playing basketball in our Boroondara backyard for the long-term future.

And that is why, today, we are launching a crowdfunding initiative via the Australian Sports Foundation – with all donations fully tax deductible. Our target is $100,000.

We have about 7000 players registered in our programs. That target reflects a modest contribution of about $15 per player.

It’s an achievable goal if we band together. And especially if we share our cause far and wide with our family and friends.

You can donate directly by clicking here.

Or to learn more about the crowdfunding initiative, please click here.

So if, like me, you never truly realised how much you love watching your kids play; but you’ve always known how much they love the game. If you never truly realised how much goes on behind the scenes to get the players on the court; but you’ve always known it happens like clockwork every week. If you never truly understood the power of team sport in a crisis; but you know you want to see our stadiums packed again one day soon. Then please join us.

Join us by making a donation today to help keep the lights on at Basketball Hawthorn so that when this shutdown ends, and we get the green light to start playing again, we can bounce back as fast as possible.

We are in your hands.

Gen Brammall
Chair – Basketball Hawthorn