Basketball Hawthorn: COVID19 Update (15 June 2020)

Dear Members,

We are excited to share some of the most positive news since Covid-19 hit 3 months ago.
Premier Daniel Andrews yesterday made a series of announcements relating to the return of grassroots sport for children aged under 18 years.

From 11:59pm on 21 June, recognising the lower rate of transmission among younger people, all sports training and competition can theoretically resume for those aged 18 and under. And training for over 18s can likely resume from 13 July, with full competition likely from 20 July.

So, the big question is: “When will we be back on court at Basketball Hawthorn?”

There are implications for both the junior and senior domestic competitions and Basketball Hawthorn is already meeting with Domestic Club Delegates and major stakeholders to plan the return to training and competition in Term 3.

In addition, BH continues to liaise closely with Basketball Victoria about the resumption of training and competition for Junior and Senior Magic.

No dates have been confirmed yet, but we should be in a position to provide more specific detail in the coming week or so.

In the meantime, please continue to engage in our online training programs and start to build up your fitness in readiness for a return to play!

We will keep in touch as decisions are made and fresh information comes to light.