Basketball Hawthorn Online Training Episode 3: Form Shooting & Footwork ?

Athletes! ⛹️‍♀️⛹️

For the third episode of our Basketball Hawthorn Online Training Program, we will be doing Form Shooting & Footwork! ?

Here are some Keys to take note of while practicing these drills:

  1. Hand Placement ?
  2. Find the Middle of the Rim ?
  3. Eyes on the Target ?
  4. Lock your Elbow and Snap your Wrist

All you need is a Basketball, some cones and a Rim! Pay close attention to the video as Coach Dion Jewell guides us through each and every workout which will help your shooting form and footwork! ?

Download our checklist below and complete these challenges and let us know how you go! ?

BH Online Training Week 3 – Form Shooting & Footwork Checklist

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