Basketball Hawthorn Update | 14 October 2021

Further to our communication last week, we wanted to touch base to let you know that Basketball Hawthorn is powering forward with plans for it’s Summer Season 21/22 and beyond.

We fully intend to be ready to hit the courts at all levels of basketball – with programs and social competitions, skills training sessions, Junior and Senior Domestic competitions, and Junior Magic tryouts – as soon as the government gives the green light.

No waiting until mid February to bounce back at Hawthorn!

We are working fast behind the scenes to establish a clear plan for the future and we promise you won’t have to wait too long for information to help you make an informed choice about where to play.

What we can confirm today, is that the Junior Domestic competition at Hawthorn will – at a minimum – continue to deliver:

  • Experience & consistency: the same competition you know and love, only better
  • Location: the same best-quality venues in your own backyard
  • Reliability & expertise: managed by our existing paid staff who are experts at managing competitions, venues, fixtures, grading , tribunals and over 180 referees
  • Immediacy: starts as soon as Basketball Victoria gives a green light to play.
  • Transparency of cost: You will see exactly where your money goes
  • Responsibility: we will stand by our obligations and honor all agreements with local schools and stadiums to pay off outstanding dues over time via the existing modest contribution from players across every BH program and competition

We want to reassure you that just because some Clubs might choose to play elsewhere does not mean you have to. There will be strong, viable and exciting options here at Hawthorn and, clearly, the more players, teams and Clubs that decide to stay, the better the competition will remain.

Traditionally, we have dealt directly with each Domestic Club about the operations of the Association and enabled Clubs to determine what information to pass onto you.

Today, moving towards improved transparency, we want to provide additional information directly to our basketball community.

Each season, when you pay fees, part goes to Basketball Hawthorn and part is retained by your Club. When refunds are provided to you, a defined part comes back from Basketball Hawthorn and part can come from your Club. The Basketball Hawthorn component this Winter was consistent at 50% of missed rounds no matter which Club you play for, but the Club portion was discretionary. That means there can be a considerable variation between what players from different Clubs receive. There are different outcomes based on your club, and this range is illustrated below based on real refunds offered for a team that trains this season.

Further information about our COVID-19 Refund Policy and further explanation about your season fees is available here REFUND POLICY Q&A

History and Management
More information about the Association’s financial history & management is available here ASSOCIATION HISTORY Q&A

Financial Resilience Plan
A key agreement was struck with all Junior Domestic clubs last year. It’s called the Financial Resilience Plan and was a comprehensive plan for bringing BH safely through COVID and our historic debts.
More information about the Financial Resilience Plan is available here FINANCIAL RESILIENCE PLAN Q&A

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in coming days to learn more about your registration options for Summer Season 21/22.

Basketball Hawthorn