Basketball Hawthorn Update – 6 October 2021

Many of you will have heard that some existing Junior Domestic Clubs have indicated they intend to move to Camberwell District Basketball Association for the new summer season. While both disappointed with and surprised by this decision, we want to provide some clarity for you about what is happening, here, at Basketball Hawthorn.


We are here for our entire basketball community – our people, our staff, our referees, and our players – at every level; from grassroots competitions to high performance representative-level programs.

As a not-for-profit organisation – our entire mission is basketball within the local community. Every dollar received at Basketball Hawthorn is directed towards our basketball community. We have been running community basketball for the last 20 years – and will continue supporting your basketball community for the next 20!

As a not-for-profit, local basketball association, we remain committed to staging junior domestic, senior domestic and our Magic programs to deliver a high-quality overall experience for players, coaches and families by promoting a strong, inclusive culture that values participation, pathways and community with a winning edge.

We fully intend to stage our Junior Domestic Summer Season in 2021/22. It’s our mission to see as many of our players back on court as soon as possible. Likewise, there are no issues whatsoever with our Magic program – we look forward to hitting the hardwood for 2022 very shortly.

Rebounding into 2022

These last two Covid years have been hard on the entire community, and we’re all looking forward to what 2022 will bring. For Basketball Hawthorn, we believe there is now a strong opportunity to adopt more deliberate practices that strengthen our not-for-profit position.

You might be surprised to know that amongst our clubs we have both not-for-profit and for-profit clubs. There is a natural misalignment between the purpose of a not-for-profit organisation like Basketball Hawthorn and that of a profit-making entity.

A great opportunity has now been created for us to remain focused on delivering a true not-for-profit basketball experience for the entire community.

Our Way Forward

Last year an agreement was reached with all clubs on the recovery path for Basketball Hawthorn. The agreement was momentous, taking several months to craft and negotiate with the Junior Domestic Clubs. We had unanimous agreement from the clubs on the way forward with this plan.

In good faith, we are delivering to the agreement, with no deviations.

In good faith, we communicated those outcomes to the clubs quarterly – including as recently as two weeks ago.

That’s why we were absolutely shocked and disheartened by this decision by some of the clubs.

Just because your Club moves does NOT mean your team needs to move. 

Rest assured, you will be able to stay in your existing team, play at existing venues, in the existing competition, in your own backyard. We will provide more specific details in the days and weeks ahead, once we have greater clarity from Basketball Victoria on return to play timing, to ensure you can remain an active member at Basketball Hawthorn.

It’s also basketball as usual for Hawthorn Magic.

Registrations for tryouts are now open, and will be scheduled as soon as BV gives us the green light.  Hawthorn Magic is one of the most successful representative programs in the state and 2022 will continue that success. For clarity, there is no necessity to tryout at any other representative program. We look forward to welcoming our Magic families back in coming weeks.

It is understandable that any change might compound existing unease around basketball caused by COVID shutdowns, and you will no doubt have many questions.

We will share more details next week to provide some deeper context about these developments as well our plans for the upcoming Summer Season.

For now, please bear with us, as we work through the details, and know that we are as committed as ever to all of you.

Jason Kelly

General Manager – Basketball Hawthorn