Big V Round 4 Wrap Up

Another round of Big V completed, and some mixed results, starting off with the fantastic efforts of the Championship Men to overcome Waverley.

CHAMPIONSHIP MEN – Hawthorn 98 defeated Waverley 93
The first was the continuing emergence of Hawthorn as a genuine contender, this time by virtue of a 98-93 win against Waverley. The Falcons opened up a 15pt lead in the first half, but a stirring 29-15 last quarter by the home team, helped along by 10 Waverley fouls and 14 trips to the foul line by the Magic, edged them clear at the final whistle. Ben Waldren (24pts), Jarrod O’Shannessy (18pts) and Darrell Waters (16pts) paced the Magic, while Ivan Platenik (24pts, 14rbs) was superb for the Falcons.

DIVISION 1 WOMEN – Hawthorn 59 defeated by Craigieburn 75
A disappointing 3rd period saw Craigieburn outscore Hawthorn 21-7 helped push the Eagles to an 75-59 win over our Magic side. Magic only shot at 15% from the field in the second half and that’s a number that won’t often lead to a win. Giulia Dinunzio had 21 points 8 boards, 6 steals and 3 assists in a great showing for the Eagles with Melissa Rofe easily having her best game of the year, impressive with 17 points. For the Magic Nicole Swan led the way with 16.

YOUTH LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP MEN – Hawthorn 79 defeated Diamond Valley 72 & Hawthorn 66 defeated by Kilsyth 90
The Magic had mixed results when they took care of business at Diamond Valley thanks to their 30 point opening quarter. However, a day later, Hawthorn couldn’t keep up with an impressive Kilsyth side who easily wiped them off the floor.

YOUTH LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP WOMEN – Hawthorn 58 defeated by Dandenong 66 & Hawthorn 60 defeated Diamond Valley 58 
Hawthorn suffered a loss on the Saturday night to Dendenong before pinching one against the Eagles. A solid win against the Eagles saw the scoring very evenly spread across 6 players as they pinch a close win as the Eagles came back with a 18-10 final quarter.