Boys U14 Premiers & Runners Up

Basketball Hawthorn Summer 2019/20
Premiers & Runners Up
Saturday Boys U14 Competitions

Like all sports around the world, Basketball Hawthorn’s Summer 2019/20 domestic competitions came to an abrupt halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe. Almost two months has past since the unceremonious conclusion to life as we know it – however optimistic signs are starting to shine through; there is light at the end of the tunnel

While there will be no semi-final or championship matches, the season is not completely lost to us. With 5+ months of planning, training and competing, the good news is all Junior, Youth & Senior domestic competitions were played through in its entirety for the regular season. As a result, Basketball Hawthorn will be announcing Premiers & Runners Up based on end of regular season ladders for each competition, age group & division over the next few weeks.

A somewhat bittersweet ending to an otherwise fantastic season, we hope this recognition helps validate the success of members, teams and clubs that worked so hard during the Summer 2019/20 season, and provide closure as we plan for what basketball will look like on the other side.

Congratulations to the Premiers & Runners Up of the Saturday Boys U14 competitions:

Under 14 Boys


Runners Up

U14 Boys A

IC Cannons

Titans Bulldogs

U14 Boys A Res

Breakers Enforcers

Cougars Supercats

U14 Boys B1

Richmond Riots Duke

SCBC Rockets

U14 Boys B2

Titans Vipers

Shooters Raptors

U14 Boys B3

Nightmares Somers

Titans Bandits

U14 Boys B4

Titans Go

SA Power

U14 Boys C1

Atoms Rockets B

Breakers Wildcats

U14 Boys C2

SA Kings

Breakers Suns

U14 Boys C3

Titans Atomic

Titans Wolves

U14 Boys D1

Breakers Ballistic

Atoms Fury

U14 Boys D2

Titans Lynx

Falcons Wizards

U14 Boys D3

Titans Rangers

IC Legends

U14 Boys D4

Breakers Jazz

KE Catapults

Richmond Riots Shamrock

SA Power

SA Kings

Titans Lynx