Boys U18 & Youth (U23) Premiers & Runners Up

Basketball Hawthorn Summer 2019/20
Premiers & Runners Up
Saturday Boys U18 & Sunday Youth (U23) Competitions

Like all sports around the world, Basketball Hawthorn’s Summer 2019/20 domestic competitions came to an abrupt halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe. Almost two months has past since the unceremonious conclusion to life as we know it – however optimistic signs are starting to shine through; there is light at the end of the tunnel

While there will be no semi-final or championship matches, the season is not completely lost to us. With 5+ months of planning, training and competing, the good news is all Junior, Youth & Senior domestic competitions were played through in its entirety for the regular season. As a result, Basketball Hawthorn will be announcing Premiers & Runners Up based on end of regular season ladders for each competition, age group & division over the next few weeks.

A somewhat bittersweet ending to an otherwise fantastic season, we hope this recognition helps validate the success of members, teams and clubs that worked so hard during the Summer 2019/20 season, and provide closure as we plan for what basketball will look like on the other side.

Congratulations to the Premiers & Runners Up of the Saturday Boys U18 & Sunday Youth (U23) competitions:

Under 18 Boys


Runners Up

U18 Boys A

Breakers Mustangs

SCBC Venom

U18 Boys A Res

Titans Ballers

SCBC Adders

U18 Boys B

Falcons Fireballs

Nightmares Newman

U18 Boys C

Shooters Rebels

Titans Bangerz

U18 Boys D1

Breakers Wolves

Shooters Thunder

U18 Boys D2

Atoms Globetrotters

KE Celts

Youth (U23) Boys


Runners Up

Youth Boys A

SCBC King Browns

Titans Trojans

Youth Boys A Res

Falcons Warriors

The Kohbras

Youth Boys B

IC Dead People

Nightmares Cooper

Youth Boys C

Titans Fever

SA Cubs


SCBC King Browns