Nelson Kirksey and Nyilah Jamison-Myers were announced as Most Valuable Players for their respective Senior Men’s and Women’s Big V teams at the 2019 Hawthorn Magic Awards Night.

Over 150 players, coaches, team managers, officials and parents attended the annual event at the Green Acres Golf Club in Kew on Saturday night to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements on and off the court for season 2019.

Along with Kirksey and Jamison-Myers, Seraphina Newton and Joe Furphy were awarded Most Valuable Player awards for the Youth Women’s and Youth Men’s teams. In addition to the Big V teams, the 18s and 21s teams were in attendance, with players such as Ryleh Killian, Sas Davis, Will Burgess and Brody Nunn receiving awards for their achievements in 2019.

Basketball Hawthorn, general Manager, Brock Rogers was thrilled with the event.

“The event continues to grow following the change in format in 2017 to include the Under 18s and Under 21s teams with the Senior teams”.

“The night presents a great opportunity to clearly showcase the player pathway and integrate all Magic athletes, coaches and parents”, said Rogers.

Both Jack Barry and Elyce Lambrou were acknowledged for game milestones on the night. Barry, having played 200 Big V games, all with Hawthorn, was presented with a framed Hawthorn Magic jersey, whilst Lambrou, having played 250 Big V games, was presented with a framed photo of the 2019 Division One Women’s Championship team (which she was a part of).

Basketball Hawthorn also honoured those players who displayed a remarkable level of commitment and dedication to Hawthorn Magic by playing representative basketball from Under 12s through to Under 18s. Each recipient received a graduation certificate highlighting this achievement.

“The graduation initiative was really well received and was a fantastic way to recognise the commitment shown by our athletes who have been with the Program since under 12s”.

“Our intention each year is recognise the graduating class of individual athletes who have moved from Under 12s all the way through to completing their top age Under 18 season”, Said Rogers.

Basketball Hawthorn would like to congratulate all players, coaches, team managers and officials for their outstanding work and contribution throughout season 2019.

2019 Hawthorn Magic Graduating Class (Inaugural Class)

• Spencer Barendregt
• Jack Barry
• Tom Barry
• Flynn Braden
• Will Burgess
• Lily Davies
• Sas Davis
• Lara Edmanson
• Amy Fisher
• Jamie Harris
• Nicholas Kiefer
• Emma Orelli
• Bridget Patel
• Nicholas Patel
• Lachlan Short
• Liv Wilkinshaw
• Olivia White
• Nicola Xenos

The full list of winners is as follows:

Under 18.2 Girls – Defensive Player – Natasha Hans
Under 18.2 Girls – MVP Runner Up – Alessia Kapakoulakis
Under 18.2 Girls – Most Valuable Player – Olivia Stevenson
Under 18.1 Girls – Most Improved Player – Henrietta Donoghue
Under 18.1 Girls – MVP Runner Up – Ella Crump
Under 18.1 Girls – Most Valuable Player – Ryleh Killian
Under 21.1 Girls – Offensive Player Award – Grace Zadoroznia
Under 21.1 Girls – Defensive Player Award – Emma Orelli
Under 21.1 Girls – Most Valuable Player – Sas Davis

Under 18.3 Boys – Most Improved Player – Adam Winch
Under 18.3 Boys – Coaches Award – Ben Townsend & Nicolas Panagopoulos
Under 18.3 Boys – Most Valuable Player – Jason Yakub
Under 18.2 Boys – Coaches Award – Luke Batty
Under 18.2 Boys – MVP Runner Up – Bill Sharp
Under 18.2 Boys – Most Valuable Player – Angus Russell
Under 18.1 Boys – Encouragement Award – Ellis Biggar
Under 18.1 Boys – Most Improved Player – Will Burgess
Under 18.1 Boys – Most Consistent Player – Brody Nunn
Under 21.1 Boys – 6th Man Award – Daniel Accary
Under 21.1 Boys – Defensive Player Award – Lucas Bateman
Under 21.1 Boys – Coaches Award – Tristian Windsor

Youth Women – Coaches Award – Emily Monaghan
Youth Women – Most Improved Player – Ella Crump
Youth Women – Most Valuable Player – Seraphina Newton

Youth Men – Coaches Award – Nick Patel
Youth Men – Runner Up MVP – Naoum Lazis
Youth Men – Most Valuable Player – Jo Furphy

Senior Women – Defensive Player Award – Tia Ucich
Senior Women – Most Improved Player – Bella Niven-Brown
Senior Women – Most Valuable Player – Nyilah Jamison-Myers

Senior Men – Coaches Award – Tom Anderson
Senior Men – Runner Up MVP – Luke Sist
Senior Men – Most Valuable Player – Nelson Kirksey