HBA release new Strategic Plan

The HBA are proud to release its new Strategic Plan (2018-2020): Basketball – Sport of Choice in the Inner East.

The Plan is the product of an extensive consultation process that included the following stakeholder engagement:

  • Board Workshops with Larry Sengstock
  • Staff Operational Analysis (SWOT, Operational analysis, Values)
  • City of Boroondara Demographics Study
  • Basketball Australia & Basketball Victoria material (trends analysis)
  • Basketball Associations & Stadiums of Victoria Research Study
  • HBA Governance Working Group Report (ASC Best Practice)
  • HBA Club Survey
  • HBA Club Delegates Meeting (including Workshop discussion)
  • Connect HBA Workshops (including Junior Magic Meeting Discussions)
  • VBRA Hawthorn Committee Branch Discussions
  • HBA Members Survey

This Plan is a working document that will be reviewed periodically and, if required, amended to meet the changing environment to ensure that the Association remains a leader within Basketball Victoria and the Inner East suburbs of Melbourne.

The Plan’s three-year timeframe coincides with the recently released Basketball Victoria Strategic Plan 2017-2020, whilst key strategic pillars align to re-confirm the Association’s commitment to the priorities of the sport’s State governing body: “Sport of Choice for Victorians” and “More Basketball, More Often”.

This Plan will not only provide direction and priorities for the next three years, it will also ensure that the Executive and Management of the HBA are held accountable to its members, clubs and key stakeholders.

Click here to read the full HBA Strategic Plan (2018-2020) (Low Resolution – web version).

For further information about the Strategic Plan, contact HBA General Manager, Brock Rogers via gm@hawthornbasketball.com.au.

HBA Strategic Plan (High Resolution)