HBA rolls out Stadium Scoring (Courtside)

The HBA is pleased to announce that thanks to the support of Community Bank Branches, Stadium Scoring (Courtside) will be rolled out across the Association this weekend.

The new Courtside application will be run on brand new Apple iPads, and will replace paper Scoresheets.


Information and Education Material has been provided to help with the transition to Stadium Scoring.

Courtside User Guide 

Courtside FAQ’s

Courtside Instructional Video

Courtside Cheat Sheet


Please note that paper Scoresheets will still be available on the weekend to provide contingency for any Round 1 teething issues.

Team Managers are encouraged to arrive early to ensure enough time is allowed to make adjustments to the new scoring application.


The new scoring application will change the way in which the HBA operates on a day to day basis, whilst proving better engagement opportunities with members.

Upon the completion of a game, the Match Official (referee) will confirm the score and at that time; scores, results and ladders will be adjusted accordingly on the HBA website (fixtures).

Players will also be able to look at their own personal match stats, including points and fouls.

The HBA would again like to thank the support of Community Bank Branches, along with the local Optus Business Centre who have played a major role in this new and exciting initiative for the HBA.