Hear what your candidates have to say about support for the HBA

HBA recently reached out to local candidates vying for your support at the upcoming election. We are seeking their feedback regarding support of HBA programs and facilities across the Boroondara region. See replies below from those candidates that replied to our request:

Oliver Yates
Independent for Kooyong Campaign

Oliver Yates is a passionate supporter for Hawthorn Basketball Association new stadium

Hawthorn Basketball Association needs a home stadium. It is simply unacceptable that a powerful local club doesn’t have a stadium of its own.

If elected, I will make it a core priority to fight ensure that Hawthorn Basketball Association homecourt funding.

I want to see the club grow and win.

Local sport and our facilities have been ignored for too long. The Liberal Party have taken this seat for granted.

Also, I have been deeply troubled that the Hawthorn Basketball Association is unable to display even basic advertising.

My candidacy is based on a desire to see a healthy environment and a strong local community, and I am passionate about local sport.

It’s critical that we develop the facilities to enable local sport in Kooyong to grow and flourish.

Hon Josh Frydenberg MP
Federal Member for Kooyong

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to respond to your request to secure a four-court home basketball stadium in Boroondara.

As you know I wholeheartedly support increasing basketball player facilities within Kooyong and have greatly appreciated my association with the HBA.

I was very proud that the Coalition Government recently announced $8 million funded in this year’s budget for the Swinburne Secondary College / Fritsch Holzer redevelopment which will include two new courts.

I strongly support Boroondara Council’s plan to also build two new indoor courts in the redevelopment at the Kew Recreation Centre.

I will continue to closely work with the HBA as the federal member for Kooyong and strongly support the growth of basketball in our community.

The provision of new facilities is absolutely needed to cater for the more than 8,000 players in Kooyong.

Basketball is a sport that brings together players, both male and female, of all abilities and of all ages.

The Coalition Government continues to invest heavily in grass roots sport including a recent $150 million plan to support the development of female change room facilities at sporting grounds and facilities across the country including here in Kooyong.

Steven D’Elia
United Australia Party

I greatly appreciate you reaching out to me and understand your situation.
I am not a professional “Politician”, I am a small business owner who understands the struggle to make ends meet and how hard it is to get financial support for sporting clubs such as yours. I know Mr. Frydenberg will make all sorts of promises and throw money at anything and any one just to get their vote. The problem is all these politicians have lost respect, dignity and trust. I am concerned about the welfare of our youth, especially in the area of “Mental health”. Sport and being involved in community sporting programs is extremely important for our youth for physical exercise and social interaction. Sadly I am not a member of parliament, but is I do get your votes and get elected I will support you 100 %. I would rather see money put into local sporting and community groups such as yours rather than awarding and selling our soul to foreign investors, and developers, we don’t need any more high-rise apartments, we have enough !

Julian Burnside
The Australian Greens

The Greens recognise the value of community level sport for everyone in Australia, particularly for groups which have traditionally had lower rates of participation. The Greens will allocate $15 million per year to top up state and local funding for community sports to boost participation and inclusion.

From this fund, we would be able to support the Hawthorn Basketball Association to improve access to home court facilities.

In addition to our community sport fund, the Greens will directly subsidise the cost of sports fees for children between the ages of 5-18, who come from CALD or First Peoples backgrounds, identify as having a disability or who are covered by a low income concession card. This subsidy of up to $100 per child will provide direct financial assistance to families to ensure that the most common barrier to sports participation can be addressed.