Junior Winter Re-Grading Results

The re-grading meeting for the 2015 junior winter season took place on Sunday night. Delegates from the major clubs discussed the results from the pre-season/grading period and came up with the final allocation of teams to sections for the winter season.

CLICK HERE to check what section your team is in.

Round 4 fixtures (first round of the regular season) are now online. Fixtures for the rest of the season will be published over the next two weeks.

Please note:

  • During the re-grading process, where there was movement of teams and the number of teams in that section remained the same, teams coming in have taken the place in the fixture pattern of the team going out
  • During the re-grading process, where the number of teams in a particular section changed, a brand new fixture pattern has been established
  • At various stages of the season, sections with an even number of teams will have one sectional-wide bye – situation created by venue unavailability (this does not apply to Under 20s)
  • 12 Boys Section 8 has been split into 12 Boys Section 8 and 12 Boys Section 9
  • 12 Boys Section 12 has been created
  • 14 Boys Section 3 has been deleted with teams having been moved up or down a section