Male Rookie of the Year

The Technical Officials Commission (TOC) Hawthorn Branch is pleased to announce the 2019 award winners:

Male Rookie of the Year – Jack Simmons

This award recognises a first year Male referee that has exceeded expectations and proved their worth on games above their grade.

When did you start?
July 2019

Current Referee Grade
C Grade

Favourite moment of being a referee?
Calling “and ones”

Why did you become a referee?
I love basketball and for me I thought it would be a job that would be quite fun and it pays reasonably well for someone of my age!

Do you have any other Hobbies that do not include basketball?
I like playing guitar and skating.

Favourite Food:

Favourite Movie:
Star Wars (new hope)

Which player is the GOAT?

Congratulations to Jack Simmons the 2019 Male Rookie of the year.