New Resources and Structures for Referees

Whilst it might be winter holiday break for many, we’re still working hard here in the HBA Office! You might have noticed recently that we have had a large number of solo referees at games. Whilst this is necessary from time to time, we accept that current rates are too high.

And we’re doing something about it.

We are investing significantly in our referee development, with new referees earning their stripes right now. Whilst, we have a second course commencing this Saturday ( hint – refereeing is a fantastic part time job for teenagers! ) and we’ve never invested more in ongoing referee development.

As part of that investment in our referees, we have also moved to the Basketball Victoria best practice model for governance structures. In this move, the association now has full responsibility and accountability for all referee related matters (in the past this was split between the VBRA Hawthorn Branch and HBA).

The VBRA Hawthorn Branch has made a significant contribution to the nearly forty year history of basketball in Boroondara, and the HBA thanks the VBRA Hawthorn Branch for that contribution.

We now look forward to the next forty years, with modern and proven governance structures that support the long term sustainable development and enhancement of all HBA referees.