Notice of AGM: Saturday 16 December 2017



The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Hawthorn Basketball Association Inc. (HBA) will be held:

Saturday 16 December 2017 at 4:30pm

Boroondara Sports Complex – multi-purpose room

271C Belmore Road Balwyn North 3104

The Constitution of the HBA (adopted February 2014) is available in a link below.

The provisions of this Constitution govern the 2017 AGM.  Any amendments to the HBA Constitution passed at an AGM will only take effect once approval is granted by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

The ordinary business of the AGM shall be to –

(a) confirm the minutes of the previous AGM;

(b) receive from the Board reports including;

(i)    President’s Report;

(ii)    Operations Report;

(iii)   Financial Report to 30 September 2017 (including Auditor’s Report);

(iv)   Junior and Senior Competition and Representative Reports;

(c) elect the Directors of the Association;

(d) appoint an auditor for the forthcoming year;

(e) transact any other business of which notice in writing shall have been given to the Secretary at least seven days prior to the date of the meeting.

Election of Directors

Under the current Constitution,

  • the President, Treasurer and three ordinary members are elected in each odd calendar year;
  • the Vice-President, Secretary and three ordinary members are elected in each even calendar year;
  • each Director of the Association holds office for a period of two years.

Adam McInnes (Vice-President), Stewart Evans (Secretary), Brad Crump, Glenn Kiefer and Daniel Stuk (ordinary members) were elected at the last AGM for two-year terms.

Adam McInnes resigned from the Board on 25 August 2017.

Nominations are called for the positions of:

  • President, Treasurer and three ordinary members (terms of two years)
  • Vice-President (term of one year)

A nomination form is available in a link below


Special business to be considered at the AGM – Approval to amend the HBA Constitution

The following resolution is proposed:

‘That the Association adopt the amendments to its Constitution outlined in the accompanying Explanatory Memorandum.’

Under Rule 5, in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Vic), all amendments to the Constitution of the Association will only be passed if at least 75 per cent of the members who vote at the meeting vote in favour of the resolution to change the Constitution.

The following documents are available in links below:

  • Explanatory Memorandum of proposed amendments to the Constitution
  • Proposed HBA Constitution, should the proposed amendments be adopted
  • HBA Constitution (as adopted in February 2014) – which currently governs the HBA
  • Microsoft Word comparison between the two versions of the Constitution – proposed and current

Should the amendments be adopted regarding Rules 23 and 24 (Directors and Election of Directors), then the following transitional arrangements are proposed:

  1. Daniel Stuk (term of office expires in 2018) to resign from the Board, reducing the number of Directors to nine;
  2. Special Resolution to be considered by the AGM:

‘That notwithstanding the rules of the HBA Constitution, the following shall occur for the nine remaining Directors:

  • the three Directors elected at the 2016 AGM shall retire from office at the 2018 AGM
  • three further Directors shall volunteer to retire from office at or before the 2019 AGM. Should fewer than three Directors volunteer, those to retire shall be determined by lot
  • the remaining three Directors shall have a term of office which expires at the 2020 AGM

Subject to Rule 24, the retiring Directors are eligible for re-election.’

Nomination forms and requests for any other business must be delivered to the HBA Secretary no later than Saturday 9 December 2017 at

The Secretary must also be notified of the nominated voting delegate for each member club or representative section prior to the commencement of the AGM.  No proxy or postal votes are allowed.


Stewart Evans

HBA Secretary


Explanatory Memorandum of proposed amendments to HBA Constitution

HBA AGM 2017 Nomination Form

Current HBA Constitution (February 2014)

Microsoft Word comparison between proposed and current versions of Constitution

Proposed HBA Constitution – includes all amendments (2017)

HBA AGM 2017 – Agenda

HBA Board elections 2017 – information and candidate statements


HBA AGM 2016 – Minutes

HBA AGM 2017 – Minutes