Big V Round 6 Wrap Up

Another round of Big V completed, and some mixed results, starting off with the fantastic efforts of the Championship Men to overcome Waverley.

CHAMPIONSHIP MEN – Whittlesea 95 defeated Hawthorn 79
Hawthorn’s recent run of outs continued, this time with a loss at home against an energetic Whittlesea outfit, capably led by Jermaine Williams (20pts, 11rbs, 10ast). The Pacers shot extremely well, edged clear early and built momentum from there with five players reaching double digits in a strong team effort. For the Magic, who have lost their last three games and slid from third place down to eighth, only Ben Waldren (18pts) and Jack Barry (13pts) reached double digits.

DIVISION 1 WOMEN – Hawthorn 88 defeated Latrobe City 86
The Magic came from 5 down with 1:28 remaining in regular time to not only force overtime, but to ensure just like Sunbury, that they too would come away with a big upset win in R5, this time over Latrobe City. The 88-86 win by Hawthorn, after going 12-10 in overtime was a great win for the Magic with Nicole Swan scoring 18 and Steph Perch 17 and Tash Ross-Harris scoring 9 but pulling down 12 big boards for the home side. Latrobe City whose form has been a bit shakey for a side tip to be a contender this year, was led in the scoring department by Carly Mullen-Bianconi and Tanarly Hood who both had 17

YOUTH LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP MEN – Hawthorn 91 defeated Sherbrooke 54
Things went from bad to worse for the Suns as they were handed another 37 point thrashing as Hawthorn improved their percentage. Jack Barry (17 points), Paddy McBrearty (17 points) and Jake Bianco 14 points putting in good performances, Craig Dent’s 18 points and nine boards was probably the only positive for Sherbrooke.

YOUTH LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP WOMEN – Hawthorn 58 defeated by Dandenong 66 & Hawthorn 60 defeated Diamond Valley 58 
Hawthorn suffered a loss on the Saturday night to Dendenong before pinching one against the Eagles. A solid win against the Eagles saw the scoring very evenly spread across 6 players. Magic pinched a close win as the Eagles came back with a 18-10 final quarter, but Magic held on to get the win.