Size 5 Basketballs Introduced For Under 12s

From September 2021 Basketball Victoria will be introducing Size 5 basketballs to their Under 12 competitions and programs, including VJBL. As a result Basketball Hawthorn will also introduce Size 5 basketballs to the Under 12 Junior Domestic boys and girls competition from the Summer 2021/22 season, which commences in October 2021.

This change follows months of in-depth research and a recommendation paper from Basketball Victoria High-Performance Head Coaches. The introduction of a Size 5 basketball is in the players’ best interest as the smaller ball helps improve shooting skills at an earlier age. The Size 5 basketball will allow Under 12 players to develop correct techniques with an appropriately sized ball before transitioning to larger basketballs in older age groups.

Players will continue to use a Size 6 Basketball (under-14 boys/under-14 girls and older) as well as the Size 7 Basketball (under-16 boys and older) in Basketball Victoria competitions.

“We want to enable Victorian players to develop exceptional shooting skills so they can take their talents to the highest level across Australia and the world,” General Manager – High Performance and Pathway Grant Wallace said. “A Size 5 Basketball for under-12 competitions will enable players to hone their technique and become better shooters throughout the rest of their time in basketball. We also believe the policy will enhance enjoyment of the game and in turn allow for better player retention.

“Adopting the Size 5 basketball will improve our sport across the board and make Victorians even better at higher levels of competition throughout their careers.

“I’d like to congratulate Basketball Victoria’s High Performance coaches – Zoe Carr, Ash Arnott, Jenni Screen and Nathan Cooper-Brown – for completing this ground-breaking paper and helping propel Victorian basketball to even greater heights.”

The recommendation paper cites several case studies overseas that show a positive correlation in both performance and enjoyment with appropriately sized equipment including the International Journal of Sport Science and Coaching (2019).

Click here to read the summary document of the Basketball Victoria Under 12 Size 5 Ball Recommendation Paper.

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