Team of the Week “Magic Girls 12.2”

Our fantastic group of girls have experienced a tough, but very positive year.

We started the year as a team graded quite highly which came with its challenges, however the way the girls dealt with those challenges has shown great character. Whilst only having 3 wins for the season, the girls have been very competitive in the majority of games and given some top teams quite a scare. About halfway through our season the work that the girls started to put in at training became to click, and this was lead through the improvement of many girls including Chloe O’Keefe and Jassi Denby. Not one of the girls has given up all year despite any bad results, and I commend them for their efforts. I have absolutely loved coaching these girls and I believe they have all had many little wins through the year not scoreboard related which they should all be very proud of.

Coach – Adam Kneale