Team of the Week “Magic Girls 14.6”

The 14.6 girls, started the 2018 season extremely well, winning the first three games of our grading season by a combined 10 points.

Consequently, we were graded into a high division and as a result were met with some challenging games throughout our season. We competed strongly in the Eltham tournament and came a respectable 5th, defeating teams in the divisions above us which came off the back of some very discipline defence in particular Charlotte Reid and Issy Coshutt. Throughout the season we through cation to the wind against the top teams, using our speed and agility to trouble the taller teams, and when we began to ‘click’ we would become a formidable team although at times we struggled when the speed was sucked out of our game, our frantic pace and press became the signature of our game. Most notably, each team member should be commended on their efforts throughout the year, even when the results weren’t going our way, each girl has improved dramatically throughout the season and should be proud of their respective achievements. I would also like to thank Nicole Tasevski our team manager for keeping the ship sailing smoothly throughout the season, and Justine Kiely who filled in as coach whilst I was away, I have really enjoyed coaching the girls this year and the 14.6 family wish the best of luck to those teams competing in the upcoming finals!

Jack Carroll – Coach

Absent – Vivien Salce